The Ocean Cleanup

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Why we have to.

During our travels around the world, we were shocked by the dirty beaches and garbage in the ocean. 

While surfing & swimming we were surrounded by tens of empty bottles floating around. Plastic straws glued together with chewing gum.  

Diving a bit more into it we found out that there are more than 5 trillion pieces of plastic in the ocean. If we don't do something about it today it will massively influence our ecosystem tomorrow. It is also destroying the beauty that the ocean has to offer. We love the ocean, the smell, the lifestyle. 

At the same beaches, we've traveled we also met several inspiring entrepreneurs that build amazing Social Enterprises, making money while doing good. It was like a lightbulb lighting up. We decided to have an impact too. Maybe still small right now, but with the first step and a lot of dedication we believe we can have a big impact in the future! 

Join our tribe in doing so!

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How we will help.

Great to have the ambition to help, but how? What can we do, except for physically helping out on the beaches? 

Our search continued and we came across an amazing project, the Ocean Cleanup Project. It inspired us so much; the technology, the philosophy, the vision and goal they have. Together with a source reduction on land, they would love to create a plastic-free ocean in 2050. That is quite the ambition, but we believe they can do it. 

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So we started donating 10% of our net profit from our Blue Products to The Ocean Cleanup Project.

For 2018 we donated €103. In 2019 we aim to donate €1.000 to the Ocean Cleanup Project. 

See our Navy Blue Collection below. For each Navy Blue Charity product we donate 10% to the Ocean Cleanup. Also check out their video and more on The Ocean Cleanup.

We only just started at the end of 2018, so our social impact is still small, but we're very ambitious. We not only want to help cleaning the Ocean, but also support other good causes. Read all about it here


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